How to claim if your car was not recovered
For all claims, please complete the online form

Claim Form
  • In the unlikely event that a hijacked or stolen car cannot be recovered within 30 days, we will notify you
  • Please send the following documentation in order to process the claim to
    1. a written statement in the format of an oath or affidavit which states the circumstances pertaining to the theft of the vehicle
    2. a copy of the claim form submitted to your Insurance Company in respect of the loss
    3. the SAPS case number
    4. a copy of the licence of the owner of the vehicle
    5. a copy of the SAPS document form 21 (non-recovery report) or equivalent replacement document as issued by SAPS from time to time
    6. written proof of settlement by your Insurance Company in respect of the claim
  • We will confirm in writing on the approval of your claim
  • Once the claim is approved, it will be settled directly with you or your Insurance Company depending on your insurance policy, within 30 business days