A few important things to note

  • 1
    Take your vehicle to an approved Fitment Centre to have the recovery unit installed
  • 2
    The unit may not be moved or transferred to another vehicle
  • 3
    Take the vehicle to an approved Fitment Centre within 24 hours to have the recovery unit tested if we notify you that it is faulty
  • 4
    Provide your Emergency Contact’s details
  • 5
    Notify us if your contact details change
  • 6
    Provide a copy of your insurance policy
  • 7
    Notify us if your insurer changes and of any amendments or termination of your insurance policy
  • 8
    Notify us within 60 minutes after becoming aware that the vehicle had been stolen or hijacked
  • 9
    Report the theft of the vehicle to the SAPS within 8 hours
  • 10
    Provide us with the required documents and information in order to process your claim

Read the full terms and conditions here

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