Customer Obligations – A few important things to note

  • 1
    Take your vehicle to an approved Fitment Centre to have the recovery unit installed; you and your vehicle must have a valid license.
  • 2
    The unit may not be moved or transferred to another vehicle.
  • 3
    Test the device once a month. WhatsApp ‘Hi’ to 0872406262 to test the device.
    Check the working status on the Matrix app.

  • 4
    Take the vehicle to an approved Fitment Centre within 2 business days to have the unit inspected if it is malfunctioning. Any warranty claim will be invalid if you don’t.
  • 5
    Take the vehicle to an approved Fitment Centre within 24 hours if it was recovered after being stolen to have the unit inspected Any warranty claim will be invalid if you don’t.
  • 6
    If the inspection proves the unit is malfunctioning due to liquid damage, accident damage, tampering or negligence, then you will be liable for all costs to repair, removal, replacement, and installation costs.
  • 7
    Provide and keep us updated on your and your Emergency Contact’s correct details.
  • 8
    Notify us if your insurer changes and of any amendments or termination of your insurance policy.
  • 9
    Any false recovery requests or incidents will incur costs that will be for your account, and any claims will be invalid.
  • 10
    Notify MiX Telematics on 0800111322 within 60 minutes after becoming aware that the vehicle has been stolen or hijacked.
  • 11
    Report the theft of the vehicle to the SAPS within 8 hours. Provide the case number and SAPS office location to MiX Telematics.
  • 12
    Identifying the vehicle if recovered at SAPS is your responsibility and repatriating it to South Africa if needed is for your cost.
  • 13
    Provide us with the required documents and information in order to investigate and process your claim, should the vehicle not be recovered within 30 business days.
  • 14
    If your fees are in arrears or you’re in breach of your agreement, no service will be provided and any claim invalid. Your monthly service fees are subject to change depending on which Insurer you use.
  • 15
    Read the full terms and conditions at

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