Terms and Conditions
Please take note of the following T’s and C’s

  • You must notify MiX Telematics within 60 minutes after becoming aware that the vehicle was stolen
  • The vehicle must be insured for a minimum of total loss protection in the event of theft or hijacking
  • Your MiX Telematics account must be in good standing when a claim is made
  • An approved settlement claim shall pay out within 30 business days after a thorough investigation of the incident
  • The claim shall be paid directly to the Customer unless there is an agreement to pay the Registered Insurer instead
  • The amount will be limited up to R750,000 including VAT subject to the applicable product warranty and relating service fees; or the amount agreed with the Registered Insurer.
  • No payment will be made if it was a false incident or not a genuine theft or hijacking or the Customer was directly or indirectly involved
  • The contents inside your vehicle or any damages to the inside or outside of the vehicle are not covered
  • The recovery service is only available if the vehicle is stolen within the borders of South Africa
  • A vehicle operated as a fare paying passenger vehicle is not eligible for the warranty
  • You need to notify us in writing at least 20 business days in advance should you wish to cancel your subscription
  • A cancellation penalty will be payable if the agreement is within the initial 24-month period on a Bundled Option1
  • Read the full Terms and Conditions
1Bundled Option means you do not own the recovery unit, but you pay a monthly service fee.